Good Financial Habits To Keep You Debt Free

*Be mindful of spending.Whether you want to lower your debt or pay it off altogether. It"s crucial to be conscious of what you spend.

*Track your expenses to help you see where money is going.

Create and stick to a budget.


*Create a realistic budget that includes all of your normal monthly expenses.


*Remember any additional payments you plan to make toward paying down your debt.


*Pay off one debt at a time.Although you may be in a hurry to pay off your debt, the process takes time.


*Focus on paying down one debt a ta time until it is paid off completely.Not only will this keep you motivated to stay on track. It"ll also help you tackle your debt in a sustainable way.


*Continue building your  emergency  savings. While you're paying down your debt, continue to save money in your emergency fund.

*Make sure the amount you set a side allows you to comfortably stay on track with

your total spending.Include it as a line item in your budget so you treat it as another expense to pay.


*Keep contributing to your retirement.If money is tight ,consider only temporarily reducing your contribution and look for additional ways to make budget cuts.

*Make it a goal to increase your retirement funding as soon as you"re able.

Debt Free



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