The New Rule of Property Management

10 Rules For Today's Property Investor ...


  • Rule One- 

Treat tenant inquiry just as you would sales inquiry: 

First Team Real Estate dedicates property managers for responding to all tenant inquiries within 5 minutes. 

  • Rule Two-

Get The Pricing Edge: 

Use local market knowledge and statistics to set your rental rate accurately the 'first' time. 

  • Rule Three-

Use enhanced visual representation:

The intangibles become tangibles. 

  • Rule Four- 

Essentials advice so you can decide on strategy and action:

Strategic decisions made with confidence and instructions acted upon. 

  • Rule Five- 

A well-maintained home attracts a well maintaining tenant: 

Repairs, restorations, and replacements left unresolved or delayed cause tenants to feel disturbed, disillusioned, and disconnected from the property. 

  • Rule Six- 

Treat your investments property just as you would a business:

Invest in success and results. 

  • Rule Seven- 

Time is of the essence: 

Tasks with timelines. 

  • Rule Eight- 

Set the boundaries from the onset:

Induction creates cooperation through understanding. 

  • Rule Nine- 

Know the tenant your property will attract:

Secure the possible tenant in the shortest possible time for the longest possible term for the highest possible rent. 

  • Rule Ten- 

Focus on service and results. not on fees charged:

You can save hundreds of dollars in fees or earn tens of thousands of dollars in income and property asset value. 



Courtesy of Mike Patel,   

First Team Real Estate Christie’s International .

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