You might of recently heard about the liability of lead-based paint, to find out more information whether this is true of false, read below.. 

If you are a homeowner in the state of California, you may have see recent new that you will be held criminally liable if your home contains lead-based paint. This is NOT true and is simply a scare tactic being used by paint manufactures that recently lost a court ruling...


A recent California court ruling found that paint companies created a public nuisance by promoting lead-based paint for interior residential use.

The court did NOT designate individual home containing lead-based paint as public nuisances and did NOT find individual homeowners liable for the creation of the nuisance. 

The court did not order current homeowners or sellers to re mediate lead-based paint in their homes.

Paint companies are attempting to qualify an initiative on the November ballot to absolve themselves of liability by shifting the burden of lead-based paint remediation cost on the backs of California taxpayers.  

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